Movie Ratings

Ratings are a quick personal judgment of a film’s merit.  Readers are encouraged to read the entire review to discern my opinion of a film. A personal recommendation is a measure of how much I gleaned from the film and would recommend it to someone with identical tastes to my own.  It would vary from person to person.

Personal Recommendation:

A+: Fantastic film, thoroughly satisfying, and it completely engulfs you; an all time favorite.

A: No major flaws, thoroughly satisfying, yearend top ten lock-in.

A-: A few noticeable flaws, but still very good and worth watching.

B+: I appreciate it a lot, but there is at least one significant flaw; a possible yearend top ten contender.

B: A solid work of cinema, worth watching a few times.

B-: I admire it in part, but there are several significant flaws.

C+: About average, some good parts, but many flaws as well, worth watching once.

C: Just below average, not a complete waste of time, but more negatives than positives.

C-: Very little worthwhile; it has basic competence, but that’s pretty much it.

D+: Very little worthwhile, but lacks basic competence; a borderline painful experience.

D: Almost nothing worthwhile, maybe one good scene saves it from a lower rating.

D-: Incompetent junk.

F: An offense to the art of filmmaking.  Hand a home video camera to a six-year-old and they would randomly make a more arresting film.  If you ever gave me one of these films, I would destroy it.

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