Arts and Faith Top 25 Films on Memory

Cinema, after all, is a kind of collective memory. Films are both time capsules, preserving the original period of their release, and a collection of thoughts and ideas that extend from the artists and craftsmen that lived in its time.

Thus, the Arts & Faith Top 25 Films on Memory is an exercise in commemoration. It is an attempt by Image’s Arts & Faith online community to celebrate and examine the unique ability of cinema to speak to the theme of memory.

From Ryan Holt’s excellent introduction to the Arts and Faith top 25 films on memory.

I have been a member of Arts & Faith for over two years, and I participated in voting for the titles on this list, and I wrote three of the blurbs as well. Including films from How Green was My Valley to The Tree of Life and Rashomon to Last Year at Marienbad, this is an all-around great list of movies. Check it out!


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